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When you hear the word “comics”, you probably think of super heroes like Spider-Man or Batman. But what about comic strips or web comics?


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In current popular culture, the word “comics” is generally representative of mainstream superhero books. In the debut episode of Geek This, I’ll talk about what the term means to me and share some of my favorite comic strips and web comic creators.

Batman: The Animated Series

This 90’s television show was one of my first experiences with comics, even though it was in a cartoon format. I still like to revisit the show every once in a while and each time I find something new to be impressed with.

Calvin and Hobbes

I could gush on Bill Watterson and his wonderful creation every single day. I was exposed to Calvin and Hobbes through my dad when I was around eight or nine years old and it’s stuck as a mainstay in my reading.

Phineas & Ferb

I know very few people who dislike Phineas & Ferb. It’s an excellent cartoon from Disney.

Doug Tennapel

Doug Tennapel is an under-rated creator. He’s responsible for Earthworm Jim and Nickelodeon’s Cat Scratch. More recently, his book Cardboard and web comic, Ratfist, are brilliant stories and loads of fun that I want to keep revisiting.

The Monkey & The Mouse

At the time I originally recorded this episode, I was much more involved in the web comic scene – mainly as a consumer, but I definitely wanted to dabble and make my own. Kev Brett was one of the great folks I met online and he was creating his own, The Monkey & The Mouse, which was based on the antics of his children. Since then he’s moved on to be the co-founder of Nottingham Comic-Con while he continues to pursue comics.

Pokeweed by Drew Pocza

Pokeweed (now discontinued and unavailable anywhere on the internet) was created by Drew Pocza (poe-zuh) and embodied much of the same spirit as Calvin & Hobbes, except with more potty humor.


What is your history with comics? What are some of your favorites?

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4 Replies to “Comics Are More Than Pictures | GT001”

  1. Hey, David! Thanks so much for the kind words!

    • David Clements says:

      Thanks for having such a great comic to say kind things about! 🙂

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks for the kind words fella. Nice to be in the 1st cast as well with other Christians. Kev has heard me whining about life and has helped pray me through. Keep up the solid podcast!

    • David Clements says:

      Glad you enjoyed the episode, Drew! I know I’ve been a little more superhero-focused lately, but I’d love input on what you find geeky!

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