We’re Using Slack

Last week there was a big kerfuffle about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and online privacy. While I don’t have all of the facts to write a complete article, I think we can all agree that the impact of the situation put some heat on Mark Zuckerberg and left a lot of people feeling let down by the social media giant. The more I think about how Facebook works for GEEK THIS!, the more I feel like it’s actually hurting the growth of the community and I want to change that.

With that, I am opening up the GEEK THIS! Slack to fans of the show who want to talk more about geek stuff. I know more people use Facebook than Slack, but the great thing is that once you join, you’ll be a part of the community I’m trying to build around the show. Slack doesn’t have all the red tape or algorithms keeping you from seeing what we post.

Out of the 350+ people that like the Facebook page, only about 20 consistently see articles and links to new episodes. Even less actually engage in what we post. I’m hoping to change that with Slack.

To join the GEEK THIS! Slack group, follow this link, create an account and, once you’re approved, you can start talking about whatever it is you geek. I’ll be there and it will be great to talk with you!

About Dave Clements

Showrunner and primary host of GEEK THIS! Average geek with a love of films and comic books. A self-proclaimed "Marvel Fanboy" dabbling in the DC Comics space - especially Batman books. Designs graphics in his spare time and is always for hire.