This Is Not The End

Before I get this post started, I just want to say thank you to every single person who has listened to even a single episode of GEEK THIS in the last 6 years.

On December 2012, I launched the first episode and since that time have released a total of 108 geek-related episodes. While I’ve enjoyed the overall adventure of making the show, I’ve found myself lacking the interest needed to produce new episodes on a consistent basis. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the last episode and realize it’s been nearly an entire month since its release. Or that this isn’t the first time in 2018 that I’ve failed to live up to the “new episodes every Wednesday” promise.

After a lot of contemplation and a couple of conversations with people I trust, I think it’s time to put things on hold. I had planned on releasing an episode discussing this whole dilemma, but I figured an official post would work better. Maybe?

The reasoning behind this decision feels pretty cut and dry to me: my interest in making a show like this has waned. Don’t get me wrong, I still love comics and movies and everything else I talk about on GEEK THIS, but I truly miss the comradery of it all. I miss geeking out about all of these things with my friends. The longer I do the show by myself, the less I want to keep making episodes.

At this point, you may be wondering if the podcast is ending. Obviously, you didn’t read the title. (I’m kidding!) the answer is no. Right now the plan is to just put episodes out when I find something of interest to talk about. If I’m not interested in a topic, it’s not going to make a good episode, so why even do it, you know? Some of you may think that this approach will lead to the podcast “podfading” and you might be right. I just don’t feel like it’s healthy for me to constantly worry about generating new content.

I’m not retiring from podcasting, either. My plan is to create shows that are collaborative in nature. I’ll also be looking to team up with other podcasters as a guest. Nothing is set in stone in that realm, but that is my intention.

So, no, the podcast isn’t going anywhere, I just want to focus on new projects, some of them not podcast-related.

I encourage you to stay subscribed (or to actually subscribe if you haven’t already) so you’ll see new episodes when they’re published. You can also follow me on Twitter if you want to hear me rant about random things, including podcasting.

Again, thank you for reading this post and listening to the podcast. I’m grateful to have made friends because of it.

Until the next post or episode, keep on geeking out.

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Showrunner and primary host of GEEK THIS! Average geek with a love of films and comic books. A self-proclaimed "Marvel Fanboy" dabbling in the DC Comics space - especially Batman books. Designs graphics in his spare time and is always for hire.