The Source Material

Books are being turned into movies at a staggering rate lately. In 2017 alone, there will be around 26 novels adapted. This will be for the big screen or streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. As an avid book reader, it’s nice to see.
Unfortunately, there are two primary thoughts on adaptations:
  1. This will ruin my favorite book!
  2. Why read the book since I saw the movie?
Casey Neistat, a YouTube creator, discussed Ready Player One in a recent video. It is set to release as a blockbuster movie in 2018. In the video he pleads for viewers to take the time and read the book before the film releases.
Why? Once the movie premieres, no one will be talking about the book.
This thought resonated and pushed me to go back to the source material. I did, download the Ready Player One audio book upon Neistat’s recommendation. I did the same when learning that a new version of Stephen King’s It would be hitting theaters.
I realized after reading, there are hidden gems that could be in the the film version as Easter eggs. Those are rewards for the people who did the hard work of reading the book! This is what we should be talking about instead of griping that the movie was nothing like the book. We have a special insight that the other people in the theater aren’t going to have. It’s quite the honor, right?
In the end, it’s important to enjoy the source material. Don’t forget where it all started.

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