The Real Captain America


2016 was an interesting year for our favorite red, white and blue patriot. Steve Rogers became an old man while fighting Iron Nail; handed his iconic shield to Sam Wilson (Falcon); he fought Iron Man on-screen; regained is youthfulness, super-serum physique, and even donned a new costume and shield. Then we found out he was working for HYDRA. What a roller coaster!

I can remember hearing the news of Sam Wilson becoming the new Captain America. As much of a Steve Rogers fan as I am, I was OK with Falcon taking over. He’s been a great companion to Steve over the years, so why would I have a problem with it? Oh. He’s black? Who cares?

Since Sam took the shield, I’ve tried to keep abreast of what is going on in the pages of Sam Wilson: Captain America – or is it Captain America: Sam Wilson? What I’ve found interesting has been the idea of #TakeBackTheShield. If you’re new to it, the idea is simple: since Steve Rogers is back in uniform, people want him to give back the shield and give up the title of Captain America. Really, this hashtag is a comic version of #BlackLivesMatter in a sense.

I try my best to keep out of political discussions and even sensitive cultural topics, but each issue of Sam Wilson brings them right to me. I’m not upset, though. I feel that comics are a great place for these types of conversations, even if they can end up being one-sided. The question that keeps coming up, whether it’s coming from Sam’s own mouth or through other characters, is, “Who is the real Captain America?”

As I said, I love what they’ve done and are doing with Steve Rogers. Yes, I’m still a fan of him despite his current HYDRA affiliation! He will always be my Captain America by default. But… BUT I will gladly call upon Sam Wilson to come and save me if I ever needed to. He has all of the traits that make a good Cap and maybe even struggles more openly with the decisions he has, Avengers or otherwise. He even has a cool costume and that classic shield!

Which Cap do you prefer? Are you reading both books? Let’s have a conversation in the comments!

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