The American Guide to Anglophilia – Project: Takeover – 033

In this episode of Geek This!, Mikey “Fizz” Fissel and his crew from Reel World Theology take over the show!

Fizz, his wife Laura, and Mark Wingerter give us an introduction to all-things British. They list some of the things they love about British pop culture, discuss how to talk like an American, and so much more. We hope that you enjoy this “Takeover” episode, which is the first of a short series we’ll be releasing in March while Dave Clements is out on paternity leave.

Want to know more about Reel World Theology? Check out their manifesto and subscribe to their podcast!

Finally, we want to give Fizz, Laura, and Mark a HUGE thanks for jumping in and helping us out with Geek This!

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