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Superman (New 52)

Superman has long been a character I’ve disliked. He’s always appeared over-powered and, honestly, boring. The only run up to now that I enjoyed was Grant Morrison’s All-Star run between 2005-2008, which I read as a collection. And that says something, as I find Morrison’s work a little more “out there”.

When DC launched Rebirth a couple years ago, I picked up several #1 issues, but felt lost in what had taken place before. Like The Flash, I went back to the New 52 volumes and began my reading there.

I’m finishing up the second volume and giving the series as a whole it’s fair shake. Sadly, I’m finding very little that impresses me about either Superman or the writers up to this point. I don’t really like how much The Daily Planet and other news outlets carry the stories, which feel like they were written in a hurry.

The relationship between Clark Kent and Superman feels weird and disconnected, as if there are two different writers directing who they are without sharing notes. There is so much exposition that I’m bored and don’t care about any of the characters or their motive.

Lois Lane is under-represented in what I’ve read so far. I’m sure she’s a strong, smart woman, but she doesn’t come off as such. Morgan Edge looms over every decision she makes, even though he tells her in the first issue that PGN is her network. He even goes as far to perpetuate the lie that a random civilian is actually Superman just to get a story.

Jimmy Olsen feels like he was written by someone much older and out of touch with 20-somethings, but I like the camaraderie he has with Clark every once in a while.

All-in-all, there hasn’t been anything impressive about this series so far. I’ll keep reading, for sure, but it will be reluctantly.


The Goldbergs (ABC/Hulu)

Back in the 80’s, I was essentially non-existent. I was born in ‘87, so I did my growing up in the 90’s. Still, The Goldbergs is a nice bit of nostalgia with a ton of family-based comedy. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s about a family living through 1980-something.

  • There’s Bev, the “smother” who is always trying to keep her kids from growing up or having bad self-image;
  • Murray, the disinterested dad who promptly drops his pants and relaxes in his favorite recliner after work each day;
  • Erica, the formerly-nerdy-now-popular girl dealing with graduating high school;
  • Barry, the disillusioned middle child who has absolutely been brainwashed by his smother, no matter how much he wants to fight it;
  • Adam, the youngest, who is a nerd with the most incredible collection of toys and devices ever known to children in the 80’s or 90’s. He’s also the narrator of the show.

Oh, and don’t forget Pops. Not only is the grandfather and Adam’s best friend, he’s possibly the best character in the dang show! I’d love to have an old man with his charisma and wit in my life.

The show addresses regular family issues with consistent, well-written comedy in every single episode. And that’s impressive for a show finishing up its 5th season, with a 6th in the works.


Fortnite (Nintendo Switch)

I rarely get excited for video games anymore. I just don’t have the time to play them. Well, that was until I learned about Fortnite a few months ago. I played the mobile version a few times and, while I did enjoy it, I missed having handheld controls. Then rumors of it being ported to the Nintendo Switch started popping up.

Finally, at E3, it was announced that a Switch version of the popular 100-person battle royale game would be releasing not later this year, but the very same day. I promptly downloaded it and played every chance I got over the last week. Oh, and did I mention it’s a free download? Yeah! You can play it for free or you can spend $10 and get the Battle Pass, which gets you cosmetic upgrades and let’s you level up a little faster. (Totally worth it in my opinion.)

The premise of the game is pretty simple: you select a battle mode – solo, duo, squad, or 50v50 – drop into the map and try to be the last person/team standing. The replayability of Fortnite is high, especially if you die right after being dropped into the game. And it’s even better if you play with people you know. (My daughter is a champ, by the way.)

You can add me to your squad if you’d like. My screen name is Crimson Creature. I’d love to play Fortnite with you!

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