Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

Ever since Nick Fury talked to Tony Stark at the end of 2008’s Iron Man and reveal the Avengers Initiative, fanboys and fangirls have been squealing. After Marvel Studio announced Captain America: Civil War, those same people have been clamoring for Spider-Man to show up in the MCU – not that they weren’t already.

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 not meeting Sony’s expectations, we were all excited that maybe – just maybe – they would cave in and give the film rights of our friendly neighborhood web-head back to his parent company. Thanks to The Wall Street Journal, it seems that the Sony hackers may have found some documentation indicating talks between Sony and Marvel about a crossover. (You can read the article here.)

Given the role that I play as the host and producer of a podcast on geek culture, I obviously like to keep up with this kind of news. Here’s the thing, though: I cannot stand rumors. I know, weird, right? Let me clarify, though. With the Internet Age, there is no surprise or sense of wonder when it comes to out favorite properties; whether in film, TV or comics. We know everything way before we have to know it.

When Marvel did their announcement of all the movies from 2015 through 2019, I was part of the online chatroom following the coverage. When Civil War was announced, I wasn’t surprised. I was excited to hear the confirmation, but I was not surprised that Marvel had it in the works. The news with Spider-Man is the same. These are rumors right now, but when the official announcement comes, will we be surprised? Probably not. Will we be excited? Absolutely. But when will we be surprised again?

To sum it up: I don’t want next Christmas’ presents to be spoiled the January before.

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