Real Talk: Podcasters Assemble

Note to self: Fix the internet signal in the garage!

Since I recorded this episode of Geek This! Podcast in my garage where I have very bad internet access, I wasn’t able to share all of the movie news I had planned. Instead of putting out this episode even later than I already have, I winged it! I debuted the promo for an upcoming project I’m involved in called “Podcasters Assemble” and ranted on whether the podcast is “Christian” and a revelation of the meaning of the podcast’s tagline “Geek Culture Without the Pocket Protector”. (Note, I did say “Geekdom Without the Pocket Protector” in the episode, but I screwed it up!)

Like the title says, this is a very different episode! Let me know what you think.

Podcasters Assemble

Please take some time and listen to a couple episodes of these podcasts! There’s some really great content for geeks!

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