We’re Using Slack

Out of the 350+ people that like the Facebook page, only about 20 consistently see articles and links to new episodes. Even less actually engage in what we post. I’m hoping to change that with Slack.

Introducing: Lock, Schlock, & Barrel

Have you ever been scrolling through the massive amount of Netflix movies, questioning their quality simply by looking at the cover art? Not interested in wasting your own time, just to find out it’s a load of crap? Luckily, we’re hear to help you.

Introducing Lock, Schlock, & Barrel, a new movie review podcast.

Trailers from Big Game LII – 083

This past weekend millions of people chose to watch two sports teams duke it out in hopes to take home some jewelry. I personally don’t pay any attention to sports of any kind, but I do know that the first Sunday in February means it’s time to watch some commercials. For the first time ever in the history of Geek This, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on what was shown during the Big Game.