The Toys That Made Us – 096

GEEK THIS! is back from a short hiatus! The Toys That Made us could easily be marketed solely to collectors, but for me, there was a little bit of nostalgia, even with the good amount of toys that I never played with. I’m a fan of history, documentaries, and pop culture, so the series hit on multiple cylinders. Continue reading “The Toys That Made Us – 096”

Deadpool 2 – 095

Yes, the show is on hiatus for another week or so, but we absolutely had to get together and talk about Deadpool 2! David Hunt and Mike Kostrewa return for the discussion, which has a very brief non-spoiler section before we dive in head-long. And yes, we need to watch it a second time. There was way too much to talk about! We hope you enjoy this bonus episode.

GEEK THIS! will return to regular episodes on June 6th, 2018, so make sure you’re subscribed and you follow us on social media! Continue reading “Deadpool 2 – 095”

Avengers: Infinity War – 094

We re-assembled our personal team of Avengers to talk about Infinity War. It’s a longer episode (with some audio glitches, sorry) featuring David Hunt and Mike Kostrewa back behind the microphones again. We definitely enjoyed the movie and had a great time talking about it. Continue reading “Avengers: Infinity War – 094”

The Mad Titan (Road to Infinity War) – 093

In the last two episodes, I’ve been sharing pieces of lore surrounding Avengers: Infinity War, which is the culmination of 10 years and 18 films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today, in the third and final part of my Road to Infinity War series, I’m going to dig into the history of the Mad Titan, Thanos. Continue reading “The Mad Titan (Road to Infinity War) – 093”

The Infinity Gauntlet (Road to Infinity War) – 091

The Infinity Gauntlet has had an interesting existence since it debuted in 1990. We’ve seen Thanos wearing it in the Infinity War trailer but that doesn’t mean someone else won’t get their hand into it. We’ll have to see. This is Part One in the Road to Infinity War mini-series.

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We’re Using Slack

Last week there was a big kerfuffle about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and online privacy. While I don’t have all of the facts to write a complete article, I think we can all agree that the impact of the situation put some heat on Mark Zuckerberg and left a lot of people feeling let down by the social media giant. The more I think about how Facebook works for GEEK THIS!, the more I feel like it’s actually hurting the growth of the community and I want to change that.

With that, I am opening up the GEEK THIS! Slack to fans of the show who want to talk more about geek stuff. I know more people use Facebook than Slack, but the great thing is that once you join, you’ll be a part of the community I’m trying to build around the show. Slack doesn’t have all the red tape or algorithms keeping you from seeing what we post.

Out of the 350+ people that like the Facebook page, only about 20 consistently see articles and links to new episodes. Even less actually engage in what we post. I’m hoping to change that with Slack.

To join the GEEK THIS! Slack group, follow this link, create an account and, once you’re approved, you can start talking about whatever it is you geek. I’ll be there and it will be great to talk with you!