An Infinity of Tie-Ins – 016

Marvel Comics has just ended their first big event of the year and they’re already geared up for the next two (or more). We discuss what Infinity is, the number of tie-in issues the company is including, and again, how this will affect the characters and universe within Marvel’s books. We also touch on the upcoming Inhumanity series and the X-Men-focused mini-series due out at the end of this year.

Surviving the Age of Ultron – 015

Marvel’s first big event for 2013 has come and gone. Mr Hunt gives us a rundown of it and we speculate what it may all mean. Could the company be attempting a series of events to trigger a “New-52”-styled reboot of their own, even with Marvel NOW currently in the works? What if the 616 … Continue reading Surviving the Age of Ultron – 015

Putting The Walking Dead to Rest

Now, if you aren’t reading the comics, just started, or haven’t read nearly as far as I have, let me just say that there are going to be some spoilers from here on out. And not just spoilers, but some very disturbing descriptions of certain events within the comments. Just warning you.

Man of Steel – 014

Warner Brothers and DC Comics returned to the big screen for their highly anticipated summer flick, Man of Steel. The film stars Henry Cavill (Immortals, The Tudors), Amy Adams (Trouble with the Curve, Enchanted), Michael Shannon (Take Shelter, Vanilla Sky), Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner and Lawrence Fishburne. Zack Snyder directed the film and Christopher Nolan produced. We, however, discussed it in this episode.

Dead Ahead – 013

Disney XD and iTunes teamed up this past week and released the premiere episode of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. I thought this was a very good debut of the new cartoon, even though I was a huge fan of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. I reviewed the show and even included a quick review of the iOS zombie game, Dead Ahead, where you get to outrun zombies on a moped.

Amalgam Comics – 011

In this episode we take a different course than some of the other podcasts involved in this event by talking about some super heroes that may be new to you. We also talk about what makes one hero better than another in our opinions. You may also know that we tweaked the format of the show by including our new “Recommends” and “Pull List” segments. We hope they become staples and you enjoy them enough to contribute.