Introducing: Lock, Schlock, & Barrel

Have you ever been scrolling through the massive amount of Netflix movies, questioning their quality simply by looking at the cover art? Not interested in wasting your own time, just to find out it’s a load of crap? Luckily, we’re hear to help you.

Introducing Lock, Schlock, & Barrel, a new movie review podcast.

Later this month, we will be launching a second podcast here at GEEK THIS! and it will be hosted by my wife, Wendie, and myself. We’ll be choosing a random movie from Netflix – and other streaming services – watching it, and then reviewing it. In the end we’ll give it one of three definitive rankings:

  • LOCK – A movie worth your time
  • SCHLOCK – A terribly bad movie you don’t want to miss out on
  • BARREL – A bad movie that will make you regret even wanting to watch a movie

It will be a fun podcast with a lot of eye-rolls taking place and we hope that it becomes your new favorite movie review show. We also hope that you recommend some movies to us. Maybe we could get you on the show to share your thoughts, too!

Look for the back-door pilot episode later this month on GEEK THIS!


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