Help Cody! – 017

The creator and artist behind one of the silliest webcomics needs your help!

Jamie Cosley, the man behind Cody the Cavalier was approached by snack foods company near his home in Virginia. They asked if he could create a mascot for a private label brand of potato chips. After some dialogue, the company agreed that the furry, funny Cody was the right guy for the job. Jamie put together a Kickstarter proposal but was, unfortunately turned down due to Kickstarter’s criteria against re-labeling foods. Instead of letting the opportunity flee him, he decided to ask family, friends, and fans to crowdsource the manufacture of the $5,000 plate needed to print the label.

And now, we at Geek This!are asking you to help Cody. Jamie has the campaign set up like Kickstarter – with perks – so you’ll definitely want to check it out. Instead of listing all of the info here, we want to encourage you to go to and read up on Cody Chips. Even if it’s just a dollar, your donation will make this project and this dream possible.

And who knows? You may just see Cody Chips on a shelf in your store someday soon. Be sure to follow Jamie on Twitter (@codythecavalier).

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