The heart and soul of Geek This! is professing your love for whatever it is that you geek out about. It doesn’t matter if it’s comics, movies, books, vinyl… whatever! If it’s geek-worthy, it should be talked about! What if you could use this website and possibly even the podcast to share that one thing that you love so much? Well, here’s your chance.

Geek This! is looking for contributors!

We’re looking to expand the amount of content we’re pushing out on a regular basis, so this means we’re looking for talented people to write articles or even become part of a podcast network. If that seems like something you might be interested, take a look at what we’re looking to cover and see if anything fits your niche. Don’t see something you specialize in? Let us know when you fill out the application form at the bottom of this page.

Quick note: this is not a paid job. This is simply a way to build a network and the Geek This! brand.


There are a lot of topics out there in geek culture, but here is what we’re looking to cover:

  • Gaming
    • Video Games
    • Board/Tabletop Games
    • D&D/Roleplaying
  • Entertainment
    • Comics
    • TV
    • Movies/Trailers
    • Books
    • Music
  • Technology

Still Interested?

If, after reading through all of this, you’re still interested in contributing to the site, fill out this form completely with the information needed. Please be sure to include a link to a sample of your writing if you have one. If not, that’s OK, too. It just makes the selection process a little longer in the end.

We can’t wait to see what you’re going to write!

This is not a paid gig, unfortunately, but that does not mean there is no possibility of sponsorship or perks in the future. They are just not currently available.