SDCC 2018 Trailer Reactions – 102

It’s the week after San Diego Comic-Con and we’ve got trailers! Why not spend the entire episode giving my initial reactions?!


  • Dave Jackson inducted into the Academy of Podcasters’ Hall of Fame at Podcast Movement 2018
  • James Gunn fired from Disney and Marvel Studios over decade-old tweets


Roots, Inspirations, & Collaborations – 101

I’m still thinking about hitting the 100-episode milestone, so it only felt right to talk about where the podcast started, what inspires the feel of the show, and some of my favorite collaborations.

Shows That Mean Something to GEEK THIS

Stuff You Should Know

Strangers & Aliens

The Audacity to Podcast

The Sci-Fi Christian

Spirit Blade

Word Balloon w/ John Siuntres



Reel World Theology

The 100th Episode – 100

Grab your pinatas, party hats, and brewskies, folks! It’s the long-awaited 100th episode of GEEK THIS! To celebrate, I take us all down memory lane to give a little commentary on the first episode of the podcast. And of course, I spend the last part of the show thanking you profusely. You’ll never know how grateful I am that you listen. Thank you all so very much for 100 episodes! There’s still more to come!

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Goodbye, Chris Hardwick – 098

Avengers: Infinity War Writers Pitch Their DCEU Idea

You can hear the original audio here, on Fatman on Batman. A word of warning: this is an explicit podcast and should be listened to if strong, graphic language is not a problem for you.

Chloe Dykstra Shares Dark Post on Medium

Again, a word of warning: this article discusses very sensitive and triggering subjects. Read with caution.


  • I will be recording with Mikey “Fizz” Fissel and David Atwell for Reel World Theology about Incredibles 2. Once the episode goes live, I will be sure to share the link here and on social media.
  • I’m also appearing on Your Podcast by Blubrry as a guest host, with Mike Dell. If you like techie, podcast-centric talk, you’ll want to listen. That episode is schedule for June 25.
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Geoff Johns Steps Down – 097

Geoff Johns steps down as DC Comics Chief Creative Officer and I end the episode with a discussion about the serious issue of depression.

WARNING: If you are sensitive to discussions about depression and events surrounding it, please skip the end of the episode, following the three news stories that are covered. Also, if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please get professional help immediately. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273-8255.

If you need someone to talk to, please use the contact form here on the site. I’m the only person who reads the email that is submitted and it will absolutely be confidential.


The Toys That Made Us – 096

GEEK THIS! is back from a short hiatus! The Toys That Made us could easily be marketed solely to collectors, but for me, there was a little bit of nostalgia, even with the good amount of toys that I never played with. I’m a fan of history, documentaries, and pop culture, so the series hit on multiple cylinders. Continue reading “The Toys That Made Us – 096”

Deadpool 2 – 095

Yes, the show is on hiatus for another week or so, but we absolutely had to get together and talk about Deadpool 2! David Hunt and Mike Kostrewa return for the discussion, which has a very brief non-spoiler section before we dive in head-long. And yes, we need to watch it a second time. There was way too much to talk about! We hope you enjoy this bonus episode.

GEEK THIS! will return to regular episodes on June 6th, 2018, so make sure you’re subscribed and you follow us on social media! Continue reading “Deadpool 2 – 095”

Avengers: Infinity War – 094

We re-assembled our personal team of Avengers to talk about Infinity War. It’s a longer episode (with some audio glitches, sorry) featuring David Hunt and Mike Kostrewa back behind the microphones again. We definitely enjoyed the movie and had a great time talking about it. Continue reading “Avengers: Infinity War – 094”