Superman, The Goldbergs, & Fortnite | Finally Friday

FINALLY FRIDAY is a weekly review article meant to give you some suggestions on what to geek out about over the next week… or so. READING Superman (New 52) Superman has long been a character I’ve disliked. He’s always appeared over-powered and, honestly, boring. The only run up to now that I enjoyed was Grant Morrison’s All-Star run between 2005-2008, which I read as a collection. And that says something, as I find Morrison’s work a little more “out there”. When DC launched Rebirth a couple years ago, I picked up several #1 issues, but felt lost in what had taken

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Finally Friday (06.15.18)

Welcome to a new old feature here at the GEEK THIS website, called Finally Friday. The plan for this is to share what the team has been geeking over the last week. It’s really just a reinvention of our Recommends segment from episodes past.

This week, I (Dave) am the lone contributor. Mainly because I didn’t ask anyone else.

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