History of Geek This!

Where it all began and where it is now.

Having my own radio show was a dream of mine when I was growing up. I can remember sitting at a friend’s house with a little boombox pretending to be a radio DJ. One time two of my friends and I wrote a script for a comedy news show. Unfortunately no one will ever hear it because the tape has disappeared.

Years later, that dream was still kind of a thing lodged in my mind, but podcasts weren’t a mainstream thing. I knew about them, but had no idea how to even make one. Finally, thanks to Apple getting into the podcast game, I found The Audacity to Podcast and decided to start my own.

The original title for the show was Geek This, Nerd That and I originally wanted it to be part random news, part geek opinion piece. When you listen to the first few episodes, you can definitely hear that come through. I think I was trying to do a geek-themed version of the Relevant podcast.

Over time Geek This! has changed. As a creator, that’s something I’m proud to say. The show has gone from being a one-man show to a duo to multiple hosts back to just me in front of a microphone, talking about the things I’m geeking out about.

It has also gone from this weird hit-and-miss podcast that was on the verge of disappearing, to a show I look forward to making every single week. It’s a little show, but I want big things for it. The biggest thing is for people to listen to it. I’m proud to say that people do. That’s what matters.

Meet the Staff

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