Looking Back on 2017 – 077

Last week on the show I shared a list of 12 pieces of entertainment I want to experience next year. This week I want to reflect on 2017 and share some info with you.

Episode 76 Feedback

First off, though, I want to share a little bit of feedback from episode 76, “12 Things for 2018”. David Arington, who inspired last week’s episode and also hosts Helix Reviews wrote in to respond:

I just listened to your 12 Things episode and I have a few suggestions for good comics outside of Marvel  and DC. Paper Girls is a cool sci fi comic somewhat in the vein of Stranger Things (I think you may have talked about this on the podcast before, so you may have already read it.) Lazarus is a fascinating read. It’s about different factions of a future society and a class system and the lead character is nigh unkillable, so that’s pretty cool! Another one I love is Plume. This is a funny, fantasy Western, adventure series about a young lady and her magical sidekick searching for her father.

It is a Kickstarter project, and the fourth (and final I think) volume is on Kickstarter now. Also anything by Bryan Lee O’Malley is great (Scott Pilgrim, Lost at Sea, Seconds, even Snotgirl is pretty fun!)

Check them out if you want to, I know I enjoyed each of them. It was a good episode and I look forward to hear what you think about these things in the future!

Thanks for the recommendations, David! I highly encourage you to check out Helix Reviews. David has a lot of energy and is definitely excited to consume geek culture over there.

That right there is really what the heart of this podcast is: connecting with people and introducing things you geek out about with them. That’s a big reason that I started the podcast 5 years ago, to find people that were genuinely geeks and fans of anything and everything. (Yeah, if you can believe it, Geek This officially turned 5 this year. You can go back and listen to the very first published episode. I don’t necessarily recommend it, but you definitely can if you want a nice chuckle.)

So, yeah, this year was kind of big for me as far as the podcast goes, so I thought I would peel back the curtain a little and share some info that you may or may not be aware of. Here we go:

Bringing Back the Podcast

In June 2017, after a 6 month hiatus, I pulled the podcasting gear out of hiding and recorded episode 60. To be completely honest with you, I was very close to putting an end to the show. I have a Facebook Messenger group with David, Adam, and Mike – the other hosts of the podcast – and drove them nuts going back and forth on when and if I was going to figuratively and literally pull the plug. Scheduling four people to record is not an easy feat, I promise!

We Got A Sponsor

Five consistent episodes later, we got our first sponsor with Geek Fuel. I am still floored that something like this even happened. As a hobby podcaster, for a brand to email you and say they’re interested in sponsoring you… yeah, that almost never happens! I’m extremely thankful to Matt Quiett over at Nerds Domain for helping out with the logistics of that. Please go check out his podcast network, especially if you’re into role-playing games. He’s doing some great stuff over there.

Making GEEK THIS Better

This next one is a little mix of personal and podcast-related, but I won a contest and earned myself a year-long membership to Daniel J Lewis’ Podcasters’ Society. If you’re not familiar with Daniel, I like to call him my officially unofficial podcast mentor. He’s indirectly helped me create a better show in the last five years. Being a member of Podcasters’ Society is giving me more resources to help the show continue to mature. It’s not something you might hear right now, but if you go back, you’ll start to notice small things here and there. This is a good thing for you and I, I assure you!

Finally, I want to talk about statistics. If you’re a creator in the digital media space – specifically podcasting and video – stats are a double-edged sword. It’s great to see how many people are enjoying your stuff. At the same time, it can make you panic and ask what in the world you’re doing wrong. This is a big reason why I’ve avoided even looking at them until recently.

That said, I want to share some podcast statistics with you, simply because I’m happy with them and I think you should be to!

Behind the Curtain: Stats

As of the day I’m recording this, Geek This has been downloaded 16,354 times. While that’s not huge for a podcast that has been going for 5 years, I personally think it’s a great number for a podcast that didn’t get its stuff straight until 6 months ago!

The most-listened-to episode from all 76 published episodes (not including this one, of course) is episode 47 – “What If? MCU” – where David, Mike, and I – discuss Marvel’s original Phase 3 movie lineup and things we would like to see in the MCU. It’s amazing to hear some of the things that changed and how much of the current MCU that we got right. Also, I love our group discussions.

That brings me to some news.

Co-Hosts Reunited

The reason I’m not releasing a Star Wars episode this week, even though I saw it opening night, is because I’ll be sitting down with the entire crew – David, Mike and Adam – after Christmas to talk about it. I’ve had a few people ask if there will be any group episodes in the future, so there’s your answer. Hopefully we’ll get a couple episodes out of our get-together!

That finishes up the episode and I hope you weren’t overwhelmed with the amount of info I threw at you. I share because I care! You’re an integral part to the success of Geek This and I wanted to let you know that through the things I shared with you. Thank you so much for listening to each episode. If you haven’t, there are 76 other episodes you should listen to!

Thanks for your podcast review!

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  • All of the hosts are getting together for a “hostful” episode or two! Look for those beginning in 2018.

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