Anticipation of 2014 | GT028

There are a slew of new films coming out in 2014, so we went through and named our Top 5 most-anticipated. We also discussed movies we were not looking forward to.

The 2013 Finale | GT026

After 25 episodes we’re calling it quits… for the year, at least. We’re taking a short break until January 2014 to mull over ideas for new content in order to bring our best to the podcast.

Catwoman – Bad Movies | GT025

Let me say from the beginning that this was all Ben Avery’s fault. He encouraged it! I was just trying to be a nice guy! No matter. I braved the film called Catwoman… and it reminded me why I hate cats.

Batman Forever – Batman on Film | GT023

Our friend Adam McDorman came back to our hometown of Kokomo, Indiana, and joined us in our discussion of Joel Schumaker’s takeover of the Batman franchise. What did we think of Batman Forever? You’ll have to listen to find out!