Batman (1989) – Batman on Film | 021

Are you ready for us to talk about Tim Burton’s Joker? Wait. That’s not right… Batman. We meant Batman. Sorry.

With gangster mimes, a Batman that seemed a little tormented, and an insane Joker, this is the Batman film with the darkness that fans of Frank Miller’s work wanted and it is said that Tim Burton delivered. Do you agree? Do we agree?

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Childhood Cartoons | 018

From the dawn of television there were Saturday morning cartoons.

Okay, that is not a fact. However, in this episode of Geek This! Podcast David Clements and Adam McDorman discuss their favorite childhood ‘toons, share their honorable mentions, and even delve into the weirder side of Saturday morning animation. They also share feedback from our amazing Facebook community and give you our recommendations for the week.

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An Infinity of Tie-Ins | 016

Marvel Comics has just ended their first big event of the year and they’re already geared up for the next two (or more). We discuss what Infinity is, the number of tie-in issues the company is including, and again, how this will affect the characters and universe within Marvel’s books. We also touch on the upcoming Inhumanity series and the X-Men-focused mini-series due out at the end of this year.

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Putting The Walking Dead to Rest

Now, if you aren’t reading the comics, just started, or haven’t read nearly as far as I have, let me just say that there are going to be some spoilers from here on out. And not just spoilers, but some very disturbing descriptions of certain events within the comments. Just warning you.

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