What Comics Mean to Me

When you hear the word “comics”, you probably think of super heroes like Spider-Man or Batman. But what about comic strips or web comics? In this debut episode of Geek This! Podcast, I’ll be discussing how I got into comics, what they mean to me, and share some of my favorite web comics.



What is your history with comics? What are some of your favorites? You can share feedback by commenting below, leaving a voice message using the SpeakPipe widget to the right, or by sending an email to feedback@geekthispodcast.com. Your feedback may even get shared on a future episode of Geek This! Podcast.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words fella. Nice to be in the 1st cast as well with other Christians. Kev has heard me whining about life and has helped pray me through. Keep up the solid podcast!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the episode, Drew! I know I’ve been a little more superhero-focused lately, but I’d love input on what you find geeky!

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