Variant Giveaway

Last month our local comic shop, Comics Cubed, decided to help us get more exposure on our Facebook Page. Shawn, who owns the shop, gave us several challenges that related to how many LIKES we had. In the end we were awarded with six variant edition comic books to give away to you!

Putting The Walking Dead to Rest

Now, if you aren’t reading the comics, just started, or haven’t read nearly as far as I have, let me just say that there are going to be some spoilers from here on out. And not just spoilers, but some very disturbing descriptions of certain events within the comments. Just warning you.

Coulson Lives? How?

ABC and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series will be airing this Fall and comic book fans around the world are stoked! We here at Geek This! Podcast are just as excited, but there’s a question that looms over this entire show: How in the world is Agent Coulson still alive?