Brian K Vaughan’s Paper Girls | GT080

Today I’m covering Paper Girls by Brian K Vaughan. This series (which is still ongoing at the time of this recording) debuted in October 2015, so I am absolutely late to the party here and I’m so sorry that I am.

Revisiting YouTube Red | GT079

Back in episode 59 I gave my initial impression of YouTube’s premium “YouTube Red” service. Overall, I wasn’t impressed, but after a year and 20 episodes – and getting access to a new 3-month trial – I wanted to revisit the service and see what had changed and if it would become a regular part of my cord-cutting utilities.

Looking Back on 2017 | GT077

Last week on the show I shared a list of 12 pieces of entertainment I want to experience next year. This week I want to reflect on 2017 and share some info with you about the show.

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Speak Up

I need to apologize for not using this podcast and the platform it has created – however small – to talk more about Net Neutrality with you.