GEEK THIS! started in late 2012 by Dave Clements under the name GEEK THIS, NERD THAT. Even then, the podcast focused primarily on reviewing comic books and comic book films. Although Dave began the show alone with his laptop and a cheap stick microphone, he began bringing in his friends to contribute. Beginning in 2017, the show will be returning to Dave as the primary host, with guest appearances by previous co-hosts and guests.



Dave Clements

History: He is the creator, show runner, and host of GEEK THIS! He's your average geek with a love of films and comic books. Dave considers himself a "Marvel Fanboy" but also dabbles in the DC Comics space - especially Batman books.

First Appearance: Episode 01: What Comics Mean To Me


David Hunt

History: A huge Green Lantern fan and doesn't prefer DC over Marvel.

First Appearance: His first episode was in early 2013, where he and Dave discussed the Superior Spider-Man. Unfortunately, that episode never aired on the podcast due to technical issues.


Mike Kostrewa

History: Creator of HALFTHEMIKE, a YouTube channel reviewing films of all genres, as well as television shows from the 1990s. He is also one of the guys behind the punk bad Half The Fight, whose EP released in Summer 2017.

First Appearance: Episode 35: Video Game Nostalgia


Adam McDorman

History: Creator of Medium Quality, a YouTube channel and blog, discussing vinyl, video games and the occasional thought-provoking culture-inspired talk.

First Appearance: Episode 03: A New Hope for Star Wars


Occasionally we pull of the ol' super hero team-up with other podcasts. We're glad to call the hosts of these shows our friends and would love for you to take a listen.

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